My Grief

My grief is my own, no one else’s. It is not right or wrong, nor should anyone judge me for the way I am doing it. My loss, even if we have similar experiences, is not your loss. If you don’t have a similar experience you cannot definitively say what you would think, do, feel,Read More

chicken recipes-


Chicken Divan

This is a favorite of mine, though I have to make it half broccoli and half not in my house (for my husband and not my child!). 2 – 10 oz. package frozen broccoli 4 cooked, shredded (I use the food processor) boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1 can 98% Fat-free cream of Chicken soup 1Read More

family friendly food-


Pizza Meatloaf

This is an older Weight Watchers recipe with some modifications for my family’s needs. My toddler is allergic to eggs, so I’ve had to make several adjustments, just in case he decides to eat what Mommy is eating. I love this recipe because it’s simple to prepare, freeze, then bake at a later time. WithRead More