The Call

Years ago, during my daily Bible reading, I found a verse that became my mission statement. 

Be radiant with joy!” This state of being is where I want to live! I want to radiate joy in all I do, even through the storms of life. Not only do I want that for myself, but I also want to share that Joy and Hope with everyone I meet (even online).

On August 7, 2019, a new marker was placed on my timeline. Some events hold such significance that they change everything. Some people come into our lives for only a short time, but they make waves, not just ripples. Since that time, my mission has grown from radiating joy to making waves. Along with my friends, we are surfing the waves of life and sharing Hope. This is not a journey we would have chosen, nor do we wish it on anyone else. Yet it is a journey that is growing the Kingdom and strengthening our faith and friendship.

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