All Because of a Hair Clip

My mom kept my hair cut short when I was a little girl. It was both thick and fine, tangling easily. To top it off, I was extremely tender-headed (and perhaps over-dramatic about it). Whenever I asked about growing my hair out, she would say, “When you are old enough to take care of it.”

In third grade, I asked again. My mom said, “Yes, but you are taking care of it.” This meant everything from shampoo and conditioning to combing it out. I enjoyed figuring out different ways to do my hair and people often commented that my hair had a new look every day.

As I grew up, I also developed tension headaches and migraines. The hair holders I had often contributed to the pain, so not only did I hurt, but I also had hair in my face. Eventually, I decided to cut it short again, as my busy mom life and inadequate hair accessories teamed up against me.

In 2015, we settled in a new place and I made new friends that introduced me to a fantastic hair clip that not only held my hair but also did not hurt me! I haven’t cut it that short again since! 

What is this life-changing hair clip?

My first Lilla Rose accessory was the flexiclip. This hair clip has no competition in the marketplace. It’s made with piano wire, making it flexible and durable. The piano wire creates a custom fit, using the tension of the hair, rather than creating the tension that breaks and damages the hair. Best of all, they are comfortable and much less likely to leave you with a “hair headache.” The flexi comes in SEVEN sizes and many different designs. You can find the perfect fit for your hair, your lifestyle, and your personality.

Until the flexiclip, I had to get the biggest size of any other kind of clip, even when my hair was short, and it still wasn’t up to the task of securing my hair. I was shocked when my ponytail fit in a SMALL flexiclip! The amazement continued as I didn’t have to redo my hair once! I put it up and forgot about it.

I even used them in my daughter’s hair. When we started using these clips, all of her hair could fit in a mini. Now she needs an XL to hold all of her hair! This is one of the first videos we made: 

Eight years later, we can both wear all the sizes! Of course, we each have our favorite accessories and styles, but we like to mix it up to share the Lilla Love with others! Now, I fancy myself a “hair hero,” helping other women overcome bad hair days one clip at a time! Whatever the hair struggle, Lilla Rose has a solution! If your curiosity is peaked, click the button below.