Ten Year Challenge

A current social media trend is the “ten year challenge.” This involves posting a then and now picture comparisson. I looked in my January 2012 album, then remembered that was a really difficult time. In that album, there is not a single picture of me, not even a selfie. In my blog history, there is one post in January 2012 about prayer (and it’s one of my favorite posts).

A few months before, we’d moved to Germany. We were still in temporary housing when I had a miscarriage. Peter was preparing for a third deployment. It was a dark time for me. 

Maybe you are in a dark place right now. I cannot give you a timeframe or explain how it will happen, I only know that it doesn’t last forever. The challenges we endure change us. We get to decide if that change is for better or worse. Sometimes those challenges prepare us for future opportunities to help and serve others. We get to choose whether to explore the possibilities or keep our experience locked away. 

Even though that time was the most difficult I’d faced, I didn’t quit. The main reason I didn’t wallow in complete darkness was Dietrich. I had a living child who depended on me to meet his daily needs. He taught me a valuable lesson about relying on my Heavenly Father for my needs, especially physical and emotional healing

Ten years ago, we were an army family of three, stationed far away from home. Today, we are a family of four, serving only in the Lord’s army. We’ve learned that home is much more than a place. We’ve wrestled with hardships and rested in God’s provision. Ten years ago, I couldn’t see my way out of the dark, but today, I strive to be a light for others. 


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