Opinion, Opportunity, and Overcomers

Earlier this week, I did a video with all things I’ve been thinking through the most recent upheaval in the country (embedded at the end of this post). This is a written and expanded version.

  • I believe most people are good and kind, or at the very least “live and let live” types.
  • I believe that even good people make bad choices. Some choose to let those choices define them. Some let their missteps become habits. Some, in all these categories, DECIDE to change.
  • I believe ALL people possess the CAPABILITY to overcome obstacles and make a positive difference.
  • I believe those who make excuses and refuse to take responsibility are lazy, foolish, and arrogant. This “easy out” does more harm than good.
  • I believe that some people are kind, above and beyond what is deserved by both friends and strangers. 
  • I believe we choose to either focus on differences or see things differently. 
  • I believe ANYONE can CHOOSE to be an overcomer, but not everyone will. 
  • I believe teaching begins in the home, while also recognizing not all homes are created equal. Every family has different values and baggage. 
  • I believe we lead by example. Whether at home, in the community, or online. Our example may have both positive and negative effects. 
  • I believe people can disagree and still be respectful – even continue to build their friendship. 
  • I believe that when we truly listen to each other, we often find common ground.
  • I believe we can love one another, though we may not like each other all the time. 
  • I believe we can appreciate and accept one another, even when we don’t agree or support the decisions of each other all the time.

I believe I am not perfect, but I strive to do better with each new opportunity. I believe life is a gift and we either create abundance or wallow in squalor. I believe our choices move us from one extreme to the other. 

I believe that while we don’t all have the same talents or opportunities, we all have free will and the ability to choose another path. If you don’t like the road you are on, find a detour. If your current circumstance feels like a dead end, find a new path. Do something different. Be the change you want to see in your life. Take whatever opportunities you do have to create new possibilities. Use your talents for good. Don’t settle for making ripples when you could make waves.

**After my video, I received some feedback that some groups of people have additional challenges when seeking opportunities to overcome their circumstances. In many ways, “the systems” in place often do more to keep people oppressed and dependent. Until more people stand up and speak up against these systems, the challenges will continue. If you don’t like the current system, consider what you can do to change it. Call your representatives, exercise your right to vote in EVERY election, and advocate for the powerless. Those who live in fear are easier to control. You get to decide how you will be treated. You can choose to be an overcomer. 

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