Teaching the Children, Election Day

Today, America decides. Everyday choices influence our course,14908308_10154119581394779_4836867733531037933_n but today, we each have an opportunity to affect greater change. The impact of our choice today will last for many years. This election seems to be the most pivotal of all time. (I do not know about all election years. I do not remember all of the election years even in my own life. In my time as a voter, I do see a trend in each election being more “nutty” than the previous one).

Now, more than ever, teaching our children matters. Now, more than ever, our children will live with the consequences of our decisions. Now, more than ever, our children decide what they believe and whether or not they will “just deal” with the consequences or stand up and create change.

14908376_10154119581449779_8028872584681298495_nChildren hear things. They can typically repeat back whom their parents want to win an election. When I heard Dietrich repeating that he hopes a certain candidate wins, I decided to talk to him a little about the WHY. I did not touch on every issue, but on three big ones that he can understand and relate to – even at eight years old.

Children have an innate sense of right and wrong, a respect for life that is missing in so many adults. Your family may have a different “Big Three” for choosing a candidate, but this is the rundown for us, in a very particular order:

  1. The sanctity of human life. We believe that a child is alive from the moment of conception. We believe a baby is a baby both inside and outside of the mother’s body. Dietrich expressed shock, anger, and sadness that anyone would kill a child, especially a baby!
  2. The right to bear arms. We believe in the second amendment. That is our license to carry, to defend and protect that which belongs to us. We further believe that limiting this right would cause a dramatic increase in violent crimes (after all, criminals do not follow the law, gun regulations included). Dietrich knows that we have the ability to defend and protect our home from “the bad guys” and he knows that guns are not toys.
  3. National Defense. My husband is a veteran. The current state of our military is discouraging and detrimental to national safety. When wealthy Americans form foundations that accept funds from the enemies and fail to protect fellow citizens, they ought to face charges of treason. Cutting funding from defense and veteran programs in favor of free aid to illegal immigrants and terrorist groups shows a great level of disrespect and dishonor to those who fight to keep America great. Dietrich understands only a small amount of our military lives and war, but he does know that supporting the enemy is a bad plan if you want to win.

Whatever your deciding factor, I pray you all remember The King of creation and His Sovereign Control. Everyone will answer for his or her own life and for each life choice. The consequences may not be immediate, but some will be eternal. Neither candidate is “godly” or “righteous,” but God has used vile leaders to turn His people’s hearts in the past. No matter the outcome, I will focus on God’s Eternal Reign.

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