Look! Listen! Launch!

This year, our kids have been studying Genesis for Leadership Training for Christ (LTC). The theme is the Promise. In Hebrew, Genesis means the origin or to come into being. This book describes the foundation of the world and God’s promises.

God is the only one to make something out of nothing. Anything we make or create comes from some raw material. God created the raw material! As a mom, I often say things like “because I made you” to my kids. They are smart (and smart alec at times) and reply, “No, God did.” God chose me to be their mom, allowed me to carry them in my body, and care for them. My responsibility is to teach them. One of many things I enjoy about LTC is forming all of our lessons around a theme. All of the themes are broad enough to have application in every part of life. 

In the Old Testament, we are instructed to teach our children “as we go.” Hundreds of years later, Jesus tells us to “go” and share the Gospel. Though the original languages are different, the words used here mean the same thing: As you go, whatever you are doing, teach others. Go does not always mean leaving one place to do something in another. Go often means take action right where you are. 

My job as a mom is to prepare my children to go into the world. When they are little, you teach them to look (“Watch where you are going!”) and listen (“Follow directions!”). These same lessons hold great value as we grow up and go about in the world. Look for ways to serve, listen to the needs of others, and take action. 

Zaccheus was willing to climb a tree for the chance at a glimpse of Jesus. He received so much more than he expected. When we are seeking Jesus, He will give us the opportunity!

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