Dissecting the Unexpected

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We’ve thawed out since last week and our activities resumed. After the sub-zero temperatures, we bounced back up to the 70s, then down to the 30s, and we’re looking forward to another day of summer this weekend. Texas is not known for having “normal” seasons. For February, this is true to the extreme. 

Many people believe that homeschool families don’t go anywhere or do anything, that we shelter our children from the world and “don’t get out much.” The reality is that we socialize with all kinds of people of all ages, rather, explore the world around us, and strive to be active in our community. When we have mandated “stay at home orders,” self-quarantine because of actual illness, or weather-related hibernation, we struggle as much as our non-homeschooling peers (maybe more, but that’s rather subjective). Over the past year, I’ve been so thankful for technology that allows us to keep in touch, even see each other, when we cannot meet in person. 

In returning to our regularly scheduled activities, Dietrich’s biology class dissected an earthworm this week. He found the experience both interesting and disgusting. 

Biology co-op is a time for me to visit with my friends as well. We talk business, ministry, and share our lives during this time. We value our time together, yet somehow, it’s never enough

Ballet classes also resumed. Driving on clear roads with miles of visibility, even in a crosswind, beats watching for ice any day. We finished another book and started the rest of the Anne series. I even talked Madilynn into bringing the paper books in the car and reading along! 

While at ballet class on Tuesdays, I get to continue visiting with Christy. This week, our visit was interrupted by phone calls. My phone call was from my husband, telling me his car broke down in the middle of the road on the way to pick up Dietrich from piano lessons.  Fortunately, the piano teacher lives next door to my other best friend (aka the biology teacher, aka the preacher’s family) and our church building is close by so the preacher rescued my husband. While a great inconvenience, no one was hurt and the car was fixable. These unexpected events remind us that we do not have complete control over anything, other than our own attitude.

In spite of the unpredictability of weather and life in general, our week was fairly routine. The most extraordinary memories happen in ordinary moments. Some days are long and challenging, but each day is a gift. What will you do with your present?

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