Generosity of Control

I listen to several training and self-development people every week as part of growing my business. Some of the advice in these talks is applicable no matter what you are doing in life. This year has not looked anything like anyone expected, but we each still have a choice. I invested this time to learn, but I also enjoy sharing what I’m learning.

Your Approach Matters

How do you show up in your everyday life? Do you shrink yourself to avoid opposition or do you take a stand? Do you stir up conflict or strive to inspire others? In the business arena, this is called Posture. Posture is the way you interact and respond to others. You can shrink so little that no one sees you or you can stand for something. There is enough negativity in the world. Be a positive influence.

In business, as well as life, you assign meaning to what matters in your life. Maybe you even give meaning to some things that actually do not serve your purpose – or any purpose. Physical clutter creates mental and emotional clutter. Instead, create a vision with intentional action and follow through. Be committed to your goals, in spite of opposition and regardless of outside approval. Show up despite obstacles until you see results.

Remember what you CAN control

In any situation, I alone am responsible for my actions. I choose what activities to pursue, what thoughts I allow to take root, and what words I allow to come out of my mouth. I choose whether to create a situation that results in a power struggle or one that results in positive connections. I choose to live in systems of chaos or ones of productivity. My choice is responsible actions toward achieving my goals, trusting that the results will follow.

I happen to be part of an amazing company, one with a genuine team spirit. Even consultants that will not gain anything from helping me are willing to do just that. When we approach the world with a posture of generosity, we also find more Go-Giver people. Those are the kind of people I want in my tribe.

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