SQT: Summer Fun

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SQT: Summer Fun

This week’s seven quick takes comes to you from my parents’ house.


My husband insisted the kids and I needed to take an “end of summer” trip to see my family. We coordinated this trip with my sister’s visit. Since she is a high school teacher, this really marks the ending of her free time.


As I gathered things to pack, Madilynn repeatedly stole one of my bags. I turned around to see that she packed herself.


This week, for the first time this summer/year, the temperature reached and exceeded 100 degrees!


When we lived in Colorado and did not have a yard, we left a wading pool at Gramsy and Granddad’s house. I brought the kids swimsuits, hoping the pool remained intact. The pool survived years of unused in the storage shed and the kids enjoy splashing and playing in the water!



After playing in the water, Madilynn allowed me to put a headband in her hair. It did not last through mid-week church service, but it is progress.


  Madilynn grew brave enough to climb up the play structure at Chick-Fil-A (or Chickie, as she says). Then she refused to come down. Thankfully, Aunt Kristy saved her and they slid down the slide together.



 This time last year, my dad was in the hospital with a gall bladder attack. It was hard being across the ocean and waiting through the time difference to call for updates. I am so glad he is well now and that we are visiting him this week in person.

2 thoughts on “SQT: Summer Fun

  1. Jenny @ Unremarkable Files

    #2 – I love that your daughter packed herself. #5 – My daughter asks for hair accessories, then takes them out and loses them within 10 minutes. Be thankful. #6 – Thanks goodness for Aunt Kristy. Those little play structures are NOT designed for the comfortable passage of an adult-sized person.
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    1. growin49_wp

      Our hair accessories usually don’t make it from the time I put them in until time to go. When they do, I’m pleasantly surprised aka completely shocked. I am always thankful for my sister, but especially her ability to still maneuver in the compact play structures. I can hold my own on “normal” sized playgrounds for all ages, otherwise we will have a future call to the fire department for a rescue mission…

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