Remembering, Running, and Repeating

When you are a stay-at-home mom, sometimes all the days run together. Many days it seems like Nothing special happens. Part of the reason I enjoy Seven Quick Takes is that I get to evaluate the everyday moments and find the extraordinary within the seemingly mundane. 

We began the week with remembrance and reflection. In some ways, the military family is in a state of “memorial” more often than not. Depending on the service member’s job and experiences, those memories are never far from the surface. 

We also started a new month this week. While changing the calendar is a fairly routine task, a new month is also a time to refresh your goals. I make and schedule graphics for several pages on Facebook and I was a little behind schedule. I finished up all my June posts yesterday. When I started the project, however, I hadn’t changed the wall calendar, so I made a miscalculation or two. These weren’t big problems, just the kind that made me laugh at myself.

I also use a “fun days” calendar online to help me schedule posts. This week we had National Running Day and National Repeat Day. I don’t actually “run” but being a mom means running things and repeating yourself all day. 

For me, a new month also means new lenses. I take very good care of my contacts, but with even the best care, build-up and wear occur. That first day with new lenses, everything looks bright and clean. When I change my lenses, I also spend time ruminating on how God makes all things new. He sees me through the blood of Christ, clean and perfect. 

Recently, I bought Dietrich a piano on Marketplace for $100. This week the tuner came out and fixed it up so it sounds like a piano. He is a little self-conscious, so I don’t have a new video of him playing yet. Both his teacher and the tuner talk about Dietrich having “the touch.” He’s currently working on “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera, a personal favorite of mine (though he does not appreciate my attempts to sing along). 

With our recent rain, I knew it was only a matter of time before the kids found a frog. The first one they found was small and all dried up in the driveway. The second (pictured above) hopped away as they tried to get a close look. Madilynn thought we should catch it and put it in a jar. I said we needed to leave it alone. It hid in the corner. Sadly the rain has also increased the likelihood of mosquitoes. I hope the frog eats its share.

Last night, we babysat a one-year-old. He’s usually quite content to play and enjoy his time at our house. He spent some time entertaining us during supper by making a spaghetti face. Then he alternated between playing and fussing. At some point, I realized he was just too tired, but he doesn’t really like to sleep at my house. I get it – I like my own bed too. 

How was your week? 


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