SQT: Really long Road Trips, no Fun in Funerals, but family reunions rock

Nothing interrupts the momentum of unpacking and getting settled like a death in the family. For the most part, things are unpacked, but some organizing remains undone. As the day and week come to an end, another Seven Quick Takes provides the opportunity for reflection before going into the weekend. For me, the weekend will be spent working, in preparation for my
parents’ visit next week (planned previously).
My first accepted outside feature is actually the second one published. My original post can also be found at Project Underblog.
Before leaving town, I had three flat rate boxes to mail. Have you ever tried to carry three flat rate boxes and hold hands with a two and a half year old AND make sure a seven year old didn’t dart into a busy street? Well, fortunately, I haven’t either, because a wonderfully kind stranger said, “You have your hands full!” (like in the post above) but then offered assistance. I think I like this town.
What is a “five hour trip” according to a map, becomes a seven-hour trip when travelling with children. Usually, almost always, the second stop comes within an hour and a half of the first stop. I am considering giving them no beverages with their meals on road trips… well, not really.
The road trip between my place and my sister’s place is bor-ring! It also includes a very long, straight section of road with no places to stop. This is always where Dietrich needs to go to the bathroom or Madilynn has a very smelly diaper. Maybe we should work on developing a teleportation device.
We had a week of sibling reunions. My (maternal) grandfather met up with his sister for the first time in a few years – and so did the rest of us gathered at my sister’s house. My brother, sister, and I were all together for the first time in seven years. My dad and all of his siblings were together.
I enjoyed seeing my brother play with my children. I always enjoy my sister playing with them, but she’s had more opportunities. My kids were much less cooperative about taking a picture with Aunt Kristy.


I am glad to be home again, even though it means getting back to work. I enjoyed my time with family, though it always seems to short. I am glad I have next week to spend with my parents, Lord willing. For this evening, I need to recover from the travels so I can get refocused and reenergized for the tasks at hand this weekend.