Mama, Did you know?

Each of my children has a unique way of starting their questions to me. Dietrich, who is usually asking to play video games, starts with, “Would it be okay if…” Madilynn, who simply enjoys chatting, starts her many monologues with, “Mama, did you know…” We are working on Dietrich simply asking for what he wants to do, just as we continuously work on privileges are directly connected to responsibilities. However, “mama, did you know,” even when it lasts for several minutes, at the least and hours at most, brings laughter both with the introduction and whatever follows.  

While these question statements can range from things she did that day, or something a friend said/did when they were playing, or something she’s learning, or just silliness, I let her talk my ear off. I want my children to know that Mama cares what they have to say, even if it is full of silliness. I believe in creating this openness while they are young so they will also want to share as they grow.

I realize that within the daily grind, patience for the “jibber-jabber” can be tested. I have had plenty of times when I listen less, sending them somewhere else to chitter-chatter. Sometimes, needing a minute of quiet to think for yourself and take a deep breath seems impossible until the kids finally go to sleep (Madilynn talks until she falls asleep and they’ve both been known to talk while sleeping). In that realization, here are some things that YOU Mamas should know: 

Mama, did you know that every moment matters and that this one is the only one that you are guaranteed?

Mama, did you know that your children love you, unconditionally, and only want to spend time with you?

Mama, did you know that even when you feel tired and alone, there is still joy?

Mama, did you know that taking care of yourself is important?

Mama, did you know that even when you feel like you aren’t enough, that you are a superhero in your child’s eyes?

When those overwhelming feelings come, cling to these statements. I am available if you ever need an encourager!


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