Get out of your way!

This week in my Bible reading plan, I read about Aaron and Hur holding up the hands of Moses so that Israel prevailed against the Amalekites (Exodus 17:2). This illustrates that we ALL need people to hold us up sometimes, especially in tough battles. Moses had a divine purpose. He was chosen to lead the people. BUT he still needed the support of others.

When Moses ascends the mountain, the people are afraid. They tell him to go alone and they will do what he tells them. Then they get impatient. The Israelites picked up many bad habits while in Egypt, centuries worth! They were enslaved, but as soon as they were free, they remembered “the good old days.” They were hung up on their expectations rather than trusting God to lead them. We often are no different.

During this time, the Israelites tell Aaron to make them a god. He gives in to the demands of the people, forging a golden calf. When Moses returns from the mountain and sees the people breaking every rule God just gave them, he’s angry. He throws the tablets of stone, breaking them (you think there might be some symbolism there?). Aaron, in what I think is the funniest verse in the Bible, defends himself by saying, “I just threw in the gold and out came this calf!” How often have you heard a similar excuse? (I didn’t hit him, he ran into my fist. I didn’t lie, I just left out certain facts. It’s not stealing, it’s reappropriating.)

Moses gets up and takes action. He confronts the people with their sins and rallies the faithful. He stands for God and continues to lead. When it would have been easier to give up and allow God to destroy the nation and start over, Moses gets up and begs on behalf of the people.

Whatever you are facing: Get up and get out of your own way. Let God lead. Surround yourself with people who hold you up and encourage you to cast off your hang-ups!


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