Radiant with Joy

Several years ago in my daily Bible reading, this verse jumped out at me. The phrase “radiant with joy” became my goal, vision, and mission statement. While my blog has evolved over the years, this theme runs through every post, every article, and every video I share.

In recent years, this vision urged me to work on my own mindset and attitude. At times, I’ve been surrounded by negativity and allowed those influences to have power over me, threatening my joy. The overwhelming truth is this: No one can steal your Joy without your permission.

Joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit, a gift from God. Joy is present, even in times of grief and loss, hardship and despair, loneliness and anxiety. Joy keeps us going, even when we feel too burdened to move. Joy fuels our hope and drives us to good works. 

Notice I didn’t say any of that was easy. Working on your mindset takes intentional focus. It’s more than repeating mantras. It’s living in those truths with purpose.

Maybe you’ve felt like there is no hope or joy. It seems you are drowning in the waves of pain and heartache. What if someone could throw out a lifeline, pull you into a lifeboat, and steer you toward the Lighthouse? What if you could surf the waves instead of being pushed under them, even through the storms? 

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