The Myth of Super Mom

My children think I can do anything. I fix all broken things, beat Koopa and save the princess (again), find every missing item, answer endless questions, and make them all the food they could ever want (even the meals they don’t eat). My husband thinks I’m awesome, even if I do not get all the housework done. He reminds me that the kids are alive, fed, and amazingly loved. I have friends that call me supermom. These encouraging words come right when I most need them.
Does such a mom actually exist? Can a person really do everything and do it all well without completely burning out? Teach the children, feed the children, play with the children, love on the children… feed the husband, talk to the husband, love on the husband… keep the home, work at home/out of the home, maintain the home (dishes, laundry, bills, etc.)… be a friend, be a neighbor, show kindness to strangers, be a good daughter/sister… finally don’t forget to work out, eat right, drink plenty of water, shower, do your own Bible reading, get plenty of rest and otherwise take the time to recharge yourself.
That last part seems ridiculous when little ones follow you to the bathroom. In the event that they do NOT follow you to the bathroom, you can be sure all kinds of mass chaos will occur all because you needed to take a few minutes to relieve yourself. Oh, in this area, motherhood makes getting to the bathroom in time is a full contact sport.
In this season of life, I’m trying to survive. I know this season will pass and give way to new challenges in different stages. I’m NOT supermom. I am a mom, doing the best I can and praying for the best possible outcomes.

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