I know I’m no Super Mom

My children think I can do anything. I fix all broken things, beat Koopa and save the princess (again), find every missing item, answer endless questions, and make them all the food they could ever want (even the meals they don’t eat). My husband thinks I’m awesome, even on the days I do not get all the housework done. He reminds me that the kids are alive, fed, and amazingly loved. I have friends that call me supermom. These encouraging words come right when I most need them.
Does such a mom actually exist? Can a person really do everything and do it all well without completely burning out? Teach the children, feed the children, play with the children, love on the children… feed the husband, talk to the husband, love on the husband… keep the home, work at home/out of the home, maintain the home (dishes, laundry, bills, etc.)… be a friend, be a neighbor, show kindness to strangers, be a good daughter/sister… finally don’t forget to work out, eat right, drink plenty of water, shower, do your own Bible reading, get plenty of rest and otherwise take the time to recharge yourself.
That last part seems ridiculous when little ones follow you to the bathroom. In the event that they do NOT follow you to the bathroom, you can be sure all kinds of mass chaos will occur all because you needed to take a few minutes to relieve yourself. It should only be fair – after all, you change their diapers and make sure they have everything they need once they are old enough to “go potty” on their own. Oh, in this area, motherhood is absolutely unfair. It should only be fair – if you have any post-childbearing bladder issues that make urgency an issue – but suddenly getting to the bathroom in time is a full contact sport.
I don’t know about other mom readers, but so often my “to do list” is much shorter than that – even on the fullest of days – because I’m trying to survive this season of life. Often I’m exhausted keeping everyone from fighting or screaming, distracted to the point we get a much later start than I intend.
Occasionally, the kids go for long periods of time where they get along. They play nicely or watch the same show and laugh together. When Madilynn reaches her limit, she becomes a villainous tyrant. I used to say Babyzilla, but would she now be Toddlerzilla or Pre-schoolzilla? She can switch from vibrant Rainbow to Terror in less than six seconds. Dietrich can change just as quickly from Mr. Grumpy Pants to my sonshine. I’ve learned there are no in betweens, only extremes in the world of parenting.


Things have been better this week, but I’m NOT supermom.
I am a mom, doing the best I can and
praying for the best possible outcomes.
(if you ever watched Scrubs, sing the title to the theme song tune because that’s the idea)