Evaluating, Revamping, and Weathering

Reviewing the week with Seven Quick Takes allows me some much needed time to focus on the positives and reframe the challenges.

The week started off with pleasant weather for Super Bowl Sunday. Though we attend a gathering, we care little for the game. We love the fellowship of spending time with our church family. The weather was quite warm on Sunday. The kids all played outside until after dark, some wearing shorts. 

Monday’s forecast started by saying mid-50s to low 60s, so my husband wanted to take Dietrich fishing since the rest of the week’s outlook was much colder. Instead, it didn’t get much above freezing. They came home after less than an hour, spending more time in the car than on the lake. 

On Tuesdays, we meet with friends for Biology. Christy, Sherril, and I started meeting earlier to walk (rain or shine, even in freezing temperatures). This gives us a few minutes to talk without interruptions and some exercise. This week, it was cooler, but the wind wasn’t as bad as in previous weeks.

On Wednesday, we cashed in our change jar. Any guesses on how much we had? 

Over the last two weeks, I’ve cleaned out old posts from this blog, edited every remaining post, checked every link, and added/updated graphics where needed. In doing so, I ran across my submission to BonBon Break, as well as other articles I’ve shared in other places. I enjoyed looking at memories even as I updated the menu pages with the current purpose of this blog. 

This week I learned (again) that the best-laid plans often need to be re-evaluated and tweaked. The kids and I spent part of yesterday going over the new plan. Expectations and goals require teamwork, especially in families. I’m hopeful we will have better results moving forward.

Today, I had my annual eye exam and picked up a few groceries and a prescription all before 10 AM. For several months, I have been working on getting up earlier and starting the day with intentional focus. This really pays off when I also have to leave earlier because it’s snowing.

We started the week near 80 degrees and will end in the 10s. So much happens in our lives, yet we are often too busy to see it through the everyday moments. The challenge I give myself daily is to find and focus on the good stuff, work through the challenges, and forget about the negatives. 

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