The Power of Wind

Having a tribe that encourages you and believes in you makes all the difference. I found such blessings in Sherril and Christy. Together, we set out to encourage and build other women. We have plenty of fun in the process.

December 28, 2020, after watching Wonder Woman 1984

We ended the year by watching Wonder Woman 1984 together, along with some other ladies from church. As we watched the movie, we enjoyed the storyline and heard many quotes that we plan to use in future graphics, posts, and videos. Earlier that day, I had to take Madilynn to the dentist in “the city” (about 53 miles away) to have an extraction. I had concerns that she might not want me to leave her. She surprised me by saying, “You should go to the movie with your church friends.” So I did. 

On the way home from the dentist, my small SUV got 30 miles to the gallon due to an amazing tailwind. This is the best mileage I’ve had in this vehicle, usually, the max is 26 mpg, and average between 21-24 mpg. This started me on a rabbit trail of types of wind and the effects, and the symbolism for life. 

Going with the Wind

Circa spring 2013, walking on the hill above our German village

“Going with the flow” and sticking to your routine is like traveling with the wind. When driving, you get great mileage. In life, you build momentum OR you get stuck. Good habits produce good results, but only if you take consistent action and change course when needed.

Going against the Wind

Flight to California, April 2018

Sometimes as you progress toward your goals, you face opposition. Obstacles arise that create roadblocks. You may need a detour to reach your destination. This can be a minor inconvenience or cause for dismay. Your perspective and willingness to overcome make the difference.

The Crosswind

Where we live, high winds and dirt storms are more common than rainfall. Driving in a crosswind can be difficult. Keeping the car steady requires both hands on the wheel. Often you cannot use cruise control and stopping may be more dangerous due to the debris. I’ve watched what seems like entire counties blow from one side of the road to the other.

In life, the crosswinds also may hurt and leave you exhausted. They also might be tearing away the things that are getting in your way.

A dirt storm in west Texas, June 2016

In one scene of the movie, Diana is telling Steve that she’s never understood his gift as a pilot. He tells her:

Just like in life, winds and storms come, but we can learn to surf the waves. As we do, we make ripples of our own, influencing others around us. What kind of waves will you make?

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