Sweet Fellowship

After two years in Germany, attending Ktown church of Christ, we were finally able to host a home fellowship. Our living room comfortably (snugly) held 32 people, ranging in age from three months to 71 years. Our third-floor apartment is acoustically sound (pun intended), making for exceptional singing. Peter used some of the gleanings from his graduate class over the Gospel of Mark to talk about the significance of being “inside the house” – sharing fellowship with and learning from Jesus. As I prepared our home, coordinated and made food, and constantly helped Dietrich count the days left until home fellowship, Acapella’s “Sweet Fellowship” played through my head. As I looked at my church family, praising our Father together in spirit and truth, emotions overwhelmed me: loving and being loved, sharing joys and sorrows, being there for each other – this group has been our family while we’ve been so many miles from home. Home fellowship is a tiny sliver of what Heaven will be.

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