Concerning Homeschoolers, ministry, and leadership

When you look back on the week, what do you want to take away? Here are this week’s Seven Quick Takes!


This week, I’ve been cleaning up this blog. I’ve been linking up with Kelly since 2015! Several other link-ups I participated in have come and gone, but she keeps going, despite obstacles


When Dietrich saw me working on the computer and asked what I was doing. I told him I was cleaning up my blog. He replied, “I didn’t know it was messy!” He is the punmaster!


At least once a year, we have a Lord of the Rings Marathon. In the last two years, we’ve added the Hobbit movies as well, but we all agree the book was better. We choose to appreciate books and movies as separate entities. More than once, I’ve said that homeschoolers are basically hobbits. Here is some evidence: 

This started as just a conversation, but I had to share!


On Saturday, I drove through a dirt storm, against the wind, to my team meeting. Driving in a dirt storm is not a good adventure, but I had good company and the meeting was worth every second of time and planning. The extra bonus is how much my kids loved on me when I arrived home. 


At the meeting, I spent time with other team members, each with different goals for her business, and each determined to learn something. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned in hopes that it makes someone else’s journey easier, not just in terms of running a direct sales business, but also in everyday moments. In this way, parts of my days are typically filled with mentorship, though sometimes accidentally. 


Leadership, even when it seems accidental, has a purpose. I want to make a positive impact on those around me with each interaction. Sometimes lessons come from the smallest parts of the day and the impact lasts a lifetime. Sometimes, the simplest truths are the ones we need to hear over and over (and louder and louder).


This week, our ministry focus has been Wonder Women of the Word. I buried myself in my lessons, consuming every bit of information I could on some amazing women in the Bible. I learn so much each time I study. I dive deeper each time I open the familiar stories. Then I look for the message God gives me in each moment, striving to apply it and share it. 

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