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Potty Training Resolve

I have big plans for this year. Stay on top of the household chores, do better at homeschooling, actually make it through my Bible reading without quitting, exercising more, making better nutrition choices, and potty training my three-year-old. While I’m already behind on everything, nothing is quite so simultaneously exasperating andRead More



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SQT – Another Music Filled Road Trip with a Surprise Wildlife Ending

I don’t have anything clever to lead into this week’s Seven Quick Takes, so I’ll dive right in: We spent a wonderful weekend with my sister and brother-in-law. Dietrich enjoyed much more time playing the Wii and Madilynn enjoyed having more people to tell what to do. My friend, Jennifer, lives near my sister, givingRead More

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Through the Mystery of Uncertainty, Just Breathe

I think too much. I ruminate. Worry. Obsess even, at times. I have an arsenal of Scripture for comfort, calming or to confront the lies behind the fears during these times. Unfortunately, my children seem to possess many of my anxious tendencies. Daily, I remind my seven-year-old that he does not need to worry aboutRead More

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SQT: The Sticky, Holey, Delicious, and Exciting

     This week is full of ups and downs. I am struggling a little to remain positive for this installment of seven quick takestakes, because the down part is so big. However, I am determined to accentuate the positive, rather than give the devil a foothold by dwelling in the negative (which is aRead More