Lies about Time

Time flies when you’re having fun.
There’s never enough time.
If only I could make time stand still.
The harsh reality is, we all have the same number of hours in a day. We all get to determine how we spend those hours. What attitude will we choose? Will we work or play or find a balance? Will we exhibit patience or a complete lack of self-control?
As much as anyone, I can claim not to have enough hours in a day because I received our belongings on Monday and the place is still in shambles. I’m far too hard on myself. My husband praises the progress made in the past two days. As I sit here taking a break, all I can see is what isn’t done. Much of what I remember from the day is fussing at the kids to move or stop fighting or not get into things. I’m sure this upheaval mixed with a maze of boxes is a confusing labyrinth of overwhelming curiosity. I’m also sure I didn’t take enough time out to play with them between boxes today.
No one has to remind me how fast they will grow. They’ve outgrown most of what I brought with us and most of what I left packed in the dressers. The last time we moved, Dietrich was about a year older than Madilynn is now. Since our last move, we’ve acquired another person, another set of bedroom furniture, not to mention more books, clothes, and toys.
My downsizing project is underway, and as I close this post, I do feel good about what I’ve accomplished today. Though the work of the past two days could not have gone nearly as smoothly without the help of my lovely baby sister. Our time together is always too short, but I’m so blessed by each moment she’s been in my life. 

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