A-MAY-zing Moments

I’m back for seven quick takes with my friend, Kelly. I have been so blessed by the friends I’ve met through this link-up!

The month of May has been filled with activity and excitement, on the homefront, the ministry front, and the business front. We’ve been blessed beyond measure even when scheduling gets a little hectic. May’s busyness gave me the opportunity to live the lessons we’ve shared in our ministry group this month. Kelly was even one of our guest speakers! Our focus has been on creating a mindset that makes the most of every moment. This does not mean that some moments aren’t difficult, but rather, finding joy and resting in God’s peace. Focusing on the negative only leads to more negative, while focusing on the good things motivates us to create more positive memories. Here is a sample of the kind of content we offer.

Dietrich and the other “older kids” from our group, took their LTC Drama “on the road” for a local Senior Banquet.  They used humor and pop culture references to share that we are worthy of God’s calling because He says so. 

In addition to piano lessons, ballet lessons, and orthodontist appointments, we also had ballet performance this month. It’s been amazing to watch Madilynn learn and grow this year! I wrote about her performance and included a video snippet here

Dietrich is also learning and growing, more quickly than I can keep up. His piano teacher thinks he has “the touch” so we are getting a real piano today (you can find them cheap on Marketplace in decent condition), instead of just a keyboard. You can read about our growing pains in this post.

I share a lot about our weather during Seven Quick Takes, and this week is no exception. We had a good amount of rainfall this week, more than in several months. At the edge of the desert, we tend to get all of our rain at once, followed by drought. It’s still early in the year though. The kids finally played in the puddles before they evaporated. 


The empty field to the east gives us a great view of sunrises, storm clouds, reflections of the sunset, and rainbows. These pictures are almost exactly a year apart, but really show how much my Rainbow has grown.

Growing in age and height isn’t the most important part of life. My mission is to help my children grow up in the Lord, with a godly mindset of radiant joy, so that they can fulfill God’s purpose in their lives. This takes a lot of intentional thought and consistent action, but I know it’s worth it! 

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