Tales of the Kingdom

“Once upon a time, not so long ago and not so far away…” so begins the story of the Tales of the Kingdom. My daughter participates in dramatic dance through a Christian-affiliated ballet studio. They have two big productions a year (except in 2020), each telling the story of God’s love and our redemption. The good versus evil conflict, the battles within ourselves and with the world, and the beauty of grace come to life through music and movement.

My daughter is in one of the lower levels, so she isn’t part of the “big show.” Her group dances in the opening number, a crowd warm-up, that is adorable. In this production, as the younger group danced to “Hail to the King,” I had this image of “every knee will bow” flash before my eyes and bring me to tears.

My dancer is in the back row

While several battles we face are against influences in the world, many more are an inner struggle. We wrestle the lies of the world, we search for our identity, and our flesh and spirit fight for control. If we could overcome these things on our own, we would have done it from the beginning. We need a Savior and a community of believers to hold us up and encourage us to keep going. 

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