Ten Things Thursday: Fall in Germany

I participated in a ten things blog hop titled what I love about where I live, but this one is going to be why I love fall where I live. Fall is possibly my favorite season here, perhaps you will see why. The following are listed in no particular order:

1. The vibrant colors

2. Every village has a Kerwe celebration, each as different as the villages and villagers.

3. Neuwein (New Wine). I am not a big drinker, but this once a year beverage is delightful. The first wine of the season, only slightly fermented grape juice, is still sweet.

4. The “just right” temperature during the day.

5. The “crispness” of the night and morning air.

6. Pumpkin festivals, especially the decorations at the Dinosaur Park. That perfect daytime weather makes the park fun for the family, the kids enjoy the playing, and this mama enjoys all things pumpkin.

7. No Halloween means no trick or treaters, no annoying doorbell sounds to disturb the kids – Dietrich wants nothing to do with Halloween besides watching “The Great Pumpkin” together as a family.

8. Incredibly crazy weather days. We’ve seen snow on the last day of summer. The year Madilynn was born, she less than a week old for her first snow. We’ve watched from our window as the rain changed to snow, sleet, hail, and the wind changed directions two or three times. Oh, and that was in the course of about an hour.

9. October marks the anniversary of our arrival in Germany three years ago. A couple of weeks later, we lost our second child, only 11 weeks along. A year later, we welcomed Madilynn. Fall is filled with many contrasting emotions for me, but I chose to use it as a time of renewal and focus on the blessings in our lives. My own personal thanksgiving.

10. Back to School means Back to MOPS. I am truly blessed to have a MOPS group consisting of other military spouses, mamas, and Christians – we’re all wearing many of the same hats and can really relate to each other.