The Power of a Single Word

A few years ago, I read a blog post about choosing a word for the year, instead of a list of resolutions. I adopted this, sort of, but didn’t really focus on the word with intention. At the end of 2019, I revisited this idea. The word you choose is to be a filter through which your goals and plans must pass. The things that fit with your focus become intentional actions.

In 2020, my word was abundance. I had my vision for that word and what I wanted it to mean, but GOD gave me so much more. My thoughts revolved around the financial aspects of the word, like paying down debt and meeting new levels in my business. Instead, events and activities were canceled and my husband became unemployed. We nurtured relationships and served our community. The kids never saw this as a “bad time” or even a “hard time” because Daddy was at home and we played with friends every week. We learned that abundance is about more than financial peace.

In 2021, I chose possibility. While I worked on my vision for this word, I also allowed God to show me what He wanted the word to be. As He always does, He showed up in a big way. I asked for possibility and we received opportunities to serve more. My husband found a job that is “God-made” for him. My business achieved record sales. Our ministry reach grew beyond what we expected. Even when we faced new losses, we saw God at work through the challenges.

For 2022, I’m choosing to sit in Gratitude. So many days lately, all I can say is that I am simply grateful. Grateful for the journey, even when it is a rough road. Grateful for the losses because they show great love. Grateful for the provision and blessings that can only come from Jehovah Jireh, The Lord Who Provides.

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