The superstition of sleep deprivation

It is a myth, a complete superstition that one can catch up on sleep. How do I know? Even after attempting to catch up by taking a much-needed nap (as often as I can arrange it), I’m still tired. Sometimes, even more exhausted than when I started.

I often fall asleep with great difficulty. Staying asleep presents another challenge. I wouldn’t say I’m a “light sleeper,” but an “if something interrupts my sleep I may never get back to that peaceful, restful stage of sleep” kind of sleeper. This includes but is not limited to the following interruptions:

  • I drank too much tea and have to get up to go to the bathroom
  • Someone has a bad dream
  • A weird noise outside
  • My husband’s phone dinging because he’s on-call
  • I have a bad/weird dream
  • My husband is snoring

Five more minutesBeing tired zaps motivation. Everything falls apart, or simply doesn’t get done. Laundry and dishes pile up, clutter seems to reproduce before my eyes, and nothing seems to make sense or go quite as it should.

Sometimes, I suck it up and blunder through all that needs to be done. Sometimes, I focus on doing just One Big Thing on the to-do list. Sometimes, I sit back and watch the piles grow while listening to the chaotic cacophony of children arguing, fussing, and begging to get More Things to do instead of their own existing piles of toys. When that becomes overwhelming, I send us all to bed.

Maybe it is only superstitious, wishful thinking, but one day I will catch up and conquer my tired, sleep-deprived state of being. Until then, I’ll attempt to stay in bed for just five more minutes when given the chance! (Click the Five Minutes Link to see my new feature at BonBon Break!!!)


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