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Everyday Celebrities

When Famous Person dies, everyone hears about it within hours of the first rumor. Social media explodes with the news. Fans are outraged. Comedians make jokes. Colleagues recount a favorite memory. Family members offer a statement but suffer alone in their grief. BUT the world is full of people who are celebrities to their family, friends,Read More

stay at home mom

Teaching the Children, Election Day

Today, America decides. Everyday choices influence our course, but today, we each have an opportunity to affect greater change. The impact of our choice today will last for many years. This election seems to be the most pivotal of all time. (I do not know about all election years. I do not remember all of theRead More

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A new and different kind of Joy.

Our congregation planted a tree in honor of our elder. The children of the church helped pile the dirt over the roots. The grandchildren of our elder watered the soil and (with assistance) lowered the tree into the hole. This was an emotional few minutes. My sweet Madilynn (who I don’t take my eyes offRead More