Lessons from Winston Churchill

In our house, we watch a lot of Doctor Who – that is the episodes available for free on Amazon Prime. We enjoy watching a re-watching the Time Lord’s adventures. I get double joy because I use the real life historical places and people to teach our home school history. Several episodes include former BritishRead More

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Out of Context

All of my devices share a few common apps, the most important being You Version’s Bible app. I enjoy being able to search the Scriptures quickly and study a verse in several versions to gain more understanding of God’s Word. My phone notifies me every morning with the “verse of the day.” Most days, IRead More

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Lessons in the Unseen Realm

Wednesday night, I watched the powers of good and evil wrestle over souls overtaken by the devil’s schemes. Two different battles enraged, each seeming to give over to the forces of darkness. Then, a single lantern illuminated Truth. Where did I witness such an epic scene? In the ballet “Unseen” on a Lubbock stage, performed by Christ inRead More

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Everyday Celebrities

When Famous Person dies, everyone hears about it within hours of the first rumor. Social media explodes with the news. Fans are outraged. Comedians make jokes. Colleagues recount a favorite memory. Family members offer a statement but suffer alone in their grief. BUT the world is full of people who are celebrities to their family, friends,Read More