What Will my Future Be?

After looking back last week and remembering the past, this week we look forward. Imagining the distant future has always been a challenge for me. I cannot picture or even fathom what life might be like in a year or two or ten. Even though I cannot visualize how everything will go, I still set goals and work toward a future.


  1. In ten years, I’ll have a 17-year-old and an almost 13-year-old. This blows my mind! Dietrich will be a Senior, preparing for life after leaving home (if he decides to leave me by then), and learning to drive. Madilynn will be in middle school.
  2. We take our homeschooling one year and one child at a time. If it is determined homeschooling through graduation is best, that is what we will do.
  3. In ten years, or preferably ten months, I hope Madilynn decides she wants to use the potty rather than diapers.
  4. Sometime in the next ten years, I hope Dietrich does not begin every school day with fussing at me about doing school.
  5. In the next ten years, I hope we can move from perpetual renter status to owning a home of our own.
  6. In the next ten years, but preferably within five, I hope to pay off the remainder of my student loans and our one car payment.
  7. In the next ten years, but preferably within the next one, I hope to meet my weight loss goals and maintain them. I’ve hit a new roadblock in this challenge, as my knees protest each PiYo workout. I see an unexpected doctor’s visit in my more immediate future.
  8. In the next ten years, maybe I’ll finally figure out this parenting thing including a consistent routine and balance of all the things that must be accomplished each day.
  9. In the next ten years, or about three, Peter will finish his Master’s degree and finally be as smart as me (since I already have mine, it’s a running joke around here). Then we will be “real” grown-ups and he can find his real dream job.
  10. In ten years, we will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. At that point, we’ll have more time out of the military than in the military. Though that time certainly blessed us with friends, opportunities, and adventures across the world, we’re excited for the blessings to come much closer to family.

The biggest goal not on this list is that my children will come to a faith of their own – which realistically may take longer than ten years simply due to their ages. I will strive each day to be an example of faith for them, pray for them, and Teach the Truth.

Salzburg, Sound of Music Scenes
The Title of this post comes from a line in this song