A foolproof investment for the future

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. While many public schools have the day off, our homeschool does not. We use days like these to learn about the people and events the day intends to honor. I wonder what MLK would have to say about current events. I wonder how disappointed he would be in the violent protests, looting, and rioting. I wonder what words of encouragement he would give the nation. I wonder if his heart would break at the seeming lack of progress in the last 60 years. 

Only you can teach your children to make tomorrow better. We could fight over current events, or we can work together to overcome obstacles. Today, the kids and I watched Martin Luther King, Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech. Create opportunities for tough conversations. Create possibilities for a better future. Your children are worth the investment.

The time is always right to do what is right. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.


Some people would say that my belief that ANYONE can overcome anything if they CHOOSE to do so is my “white privilege talking.” It may surprise those individuals to know that the people I’ve met that are most resistant to making changes to overcome their obstacles are white.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

I will talk to anyone about anything. I care about the person from the inside out, often not noticing outward differences. My children likewise don’t see the differences, they only see the potential for friendship.

While we limit the news in our home, we do not shy away from tough questions. While we have a Christian worldview, we research topics from multiple sources. What message do you teach through both your words and your actions? What experiences do you give your children? Take advantage of every teachable moment


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