The Secret to Success

Whether you work in direct sales, own your own business, or hold a job in any corporation (from fast food to CEO), YOU are the key factor in your success.

Or are you?

In my direct sales business, I get to decide HOW, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY I want to work MY business. To some extent, I even choose WHO sees the products or joins my team. I determine WHAT I share and with whom. After all those efforts though, success is not a guarantee.

In sports, the phrase, “it’s a rebuilding year” is used, particularly when key players have graduated, retired, or moved to another team. For 2023, my word for the year has been Leadership. As has been the case for the past several years, this word has not gone as I would have planned. However, it has given me much more than I expected!

Sometimes, being a leader is not about YOU. This year, I worked as hard, even harder than ever, but I had several events that flopped, no recruits, and fewer new online customers. However, my team has grown and thrived. Some previously inactive members started working their business and seeing success! I’ve served not only my team but also the “Big” team through the company’s leadership advisory board, sharing my follow-up coaching and training videos.

As much as I wanted to earn BIG rewards like the cruise, that’s not where my leadership took me. All businesses have setbacks and frustrations. It is okay to vent about those things. It is NOT okay to pitch your tent and camp there long-term. It’s also not okay to vent with just anyone. Choose your inner circle based on their willingness to empathize, then encourage you in your next steps toward your goal!

When faced with dud events or hearing crickets in response to your messages and posts, be addicted to YOUR actions. Perhaps you were at the event to encourage or support someone else. Maybe your messages are falling on “deaf ears” or people who simply aren’t ready or need more information. Figure out how to SERVE. The best part of YOU in your business should be the part you share!

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