Hide and Seek

Finding something usually first requires looking for it. Occasionally, in my life as a stay-at-home mom, I find things without actively searching for them; they just “happen” to be in my path. Other times, I find something for my children (or husband) within seconds of looking (or by telling them EXACTLY where it is without leaving my location). I often tell my kids that looking means you might have to move or pick up other things to find the ONE THING missing.

In Hide N Seek, the Seeker doesn’t stand still waiting for the Hiders to show themselves (well, they aren’t *supposed* to). The Seeker looks for the Hiders in every nook and cranny, obvious or improbable. An entire industry of games requires the player to find hidden objects or words. We will spend hours looking for Waldo or seeing the hidden picture at the doctor’s office. Why, then, do we not Diligently Seek God?

We FEEL contentment sitting in a pew, listening to Christian music, and reading a verse of the day. We FEEL at peace accepting vague principles of truth. We FEEL good when we “go to church” or help others. Not one of those things on a surface level will lead us to FINDING God.

If you search Google, “find God” will give you almost two billion hits. Scripture is much more limited in its results, depending on the version you read, with about twenty (with those specific words). However, in each instance, Finding God is accompanied by Seeking Diligently. Seeking God is not passive. You won’t find Him accidentally. Your pursuit of God is an intentional, deliberate, active, search for Truth. Sitting in the pew, listening to words, simply reading the Bible, or repeating spiritual mantras does not equate to Seeking God to Know Him. Seeking God is studying those words, acting on them, and believing them. The Word is alive and capable of transforming our lives, but only if we know the Word and the Writer.

How often in the Old Testament did the Israelites cry out, hopeless? At least as many times as they were told to return to God. How often in the New Testament did the first Christians face dire consequences for their faith? At least as many times as they were told to Stand Firm. How often are we content with the bare minimum, the milk of Scripture, the icing of Truth? The words that were written to them still encourage us today.

We may not be in captivity or worshipping in the graveyard, but The LIVING WORD still breathes life into us! Attending worship allows us to build relationships with and encourage other believers, to congregate and celebrate the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Christ through the Lord’s Supper, to sing to one another, to give as we’ve been blessed, to hear the Word and study it. Attending a service is not passive. If you are a bench warmer in worship, you’re doing it wrong!

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