Everyone is a Salesperson

Every person is a salesperson. We are all trying to get others to “buy into” something. I do not mean this in a negative way. The way you show up in life determines who will walk alongside you in your journey.

The messages we tell ourselves or allow to sink in from outside sources shape our emotions, thoughts, and actions. How we think determines our outcomes. For some, “can’t” is a regular part of their mindset. For others, “can’t” is a stepping stone to “do it anyway.”

I tend to fall in the second group. In fact, I’ve banished the word “can’t” in our household (and extend it to anyone who uses the word as an excuse). “Can’t never could do anything.” A person with the Can’t-Do-Attitude might give a half-hearted attempt or they might not bother to show up at all. Some even seem content to stay stuck without solutions, preferring a life of complaining and dissatisfaction. If you ever watch cooking shows, you may have heard “presentation is everything.” This is also true in how we show up in our daily lives. Eventually, people do see through a false presentation. 

Whether it’s in a relationship, a job, or a public persona, you must be transparent, genuine, and honest in order to “close the sale.”  People will decide to like you or not, and trust you or not, based on the “sales pitch” of your life. This is the beginning of every relationship! How you present yourself makes the biggest difference in the kind of people you attract and keep in your life. Put your best self forward and find your heartmates and purpose.

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