A Very Fun Afternoon

One of the most read books in our house has been A Very Hungry Caterpiller. Even before the kids could read the words, they had the story memorized (so did the parents, from reading it everyday). I enjoy remembering the funny ways the kids said some of the words. Dietrich, for example said “cho-loc-o-lick” instead of chocolate and “Some mommy” instead of salami. When we learned an Eric Carle themed exhibit would be at the Mayborn in conjunction with a visit to my parents, we jumped at the opportunity!

Going to the Mayborn is one of our favorite activities when we visit my parents. No need to worry about the weather because the discovery rooms and touring exhibits are indoors. When the weather is agreeable, there’s an Historical Village with a General Store and Log Cabins. If you are ever in the Waco area, I highly recommend this side stop.