SQT: The Sticky, Holey, Delicious, and Exciting

     This week is full of ups and downs. I am struggling a little to remain positive for this installment of seven quick takestakes, because the down part is so big. However, I am determined to accentuate the positive, rather than give the devil a foothold by dwelling in the negative (which is a resolve that renews by the minute).

  1. My sister informed me that Mr. Rogers is (FINALLY) on Netflix. Granted, not every episode, and there seem to be huge gaps in the Make Believe stories, but I loved sharing this with my kids. The second episode available is one I’ve always remembered: a trip to the crayon factory. Here is Dietrich’s face watching Mr. Rogers with me:2015-09-019
  2. After our singing night the first Sunday of the month, while getting in the car, Dietrich told me his shorts had a hole in them near the pocket. What I pictured is not the reality that I pulled out of the laundry this week (because our clean clothes sit in baskets, don’t yours?):IMG_1828
  3. Kids love stickers. Madilynn helped another family play with stickers a few Sunday Evenings back, so I decided to pull some out for her. A different little friend tattooed me with stickers during the sermon. I might have left them on until I got home, including a trip to Sonic.IMG_1829
  4. Fall is my favorite season – the crisp temperatures, the bright colors, and ALL THE PUMPKINS. I already started some decorating and the kids painted some little pumpkins from the lady at the Farmer’s Market.2015-09-020
  5. Monday, we took a trip to “the big city” for a follow-up appointment related to Dietrich’s surgery earlier this year. All is well. The best part about these trips is Chick-Fil-A. The trouble with these appointments is that I feel “off” for the rest of the week.2015-09-021
  6. I’m hosting a Lilla Rose party on Facebook. If you don’t have a consultant, need an extra clip between orders, or just want to help me out, I’d love you to join us!
  7. I made it on BonBonBreak this week!