Pride cometh before a Minecraft Fail

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Dietrich officially became a teenager and then went off to church camp. Before leaving, we celebrated his birthday with a sleepover and Mario Cake. I was very happy with this newest cake decorating achievement. 

I packed all of Dietrich’s camping clothes, sleeping bag, towels, toiletries, and supplies, all in our one giant suitcase. On “regular trips,” this bag fits about a week’s worth of clothing for all four of us. As we checked things off the list and went through the schedule together, I could see his anxiety attempting to take over his excitement. He seemed better by the time he went on his way.

Madilynn misses her brother but I think she’s also enjoying getting to do more Minecraft and watch “girl” movies. One big difference between Madilynn and Dietrich is the way they play – anything. Dietrich will play games or create Lego towns and Hot Wheels tracks, all without a word (though occasional sound effects are not out of the question). Madilynn will chatter the entire time she plays, whether she’s playing with dolls or building with blocks or playing Minecraft on the computer. This constant running commentary is highly amusing. As much as I’ve tried, I still don’t *get* Minecraft. This was made evident when I thought she was talking about “horse bonnets” but she really said “horse spawn eggs.” Then she said, “I have to sit on it a long time for it to like me,” talking about the horse after it hatched. Needless to say, I think Minecraft is going to make things like Biology more complicated. 

One of the things I saved for camp week was watching the Anne of Green Gables movies (the 1985 mini-series). I saw that Kevin Sullivan made additional stories and thinking they would match the books, I purchased a box set that had those as well. The first two (originally Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea) follow the first few books very well, with only minor, easy to overlook discrepancies. The other two movies are a complete departure from the books, with the last being almost in direct opposition to everything we know about the beloved Green Gables characters. Yet another case for the books over movies. 

My Surface Pro 3, purchased shortly after we returned stateside in November 2014, has been making terrible sounds like buzzing bees are trapped inside for several months. The tax return finally deposited so I could order a new computer. This one is so quiet! I can hear myself think as I work again!!!

When I first purchased the Surface in 2014, I was doing very little with photo editing or videos. In the last two years, I’ve added much more graphic and video design to my skills, especially in the last eight months with the Wavemaker Ministry. My new computer has double the RAM and so far my only complaint is I have to learn a new movie maker program.

Dietrich rode to camp with some friends from our congregation, so they’ve sent me some pictures throughout the week. We look forward to hearing all of his adventures when he gets home tomorrow. He seems to have overcome his concerns and is having a great time. He caught two fish AND even made the camp’s social media pages! 

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