Seek the Lord and Live

The word “seek” is found 389 times in Scripture. Two primary words in both Hebrew (and Greek) are translated as “seek.” The first, “baqash” (epizeteo) is seeking to find or take hold of something. The second, “darash” (ekzeteo) is to search, investigate, inquire, or require (crave or even demand). If God tells us to do something that many times, it must be important!

Amos 5 repeats this idea FOUR times!

When I first read Amos chapter five, a picture of a cloaked, bearded prophet, walking down a mountain with outstretched arms. He’s compassionately and passionately calling out, “Seek the Lord and live!” as he goes through the streets. Some pay attention and repent. Others ignore or insult him. Some listen but stop short of following directions.

Many of my readers are wives and moms. Have you ever had someone in your house run to you in a panic, “I can’t find my ____!” You might ask, “Where did you look?” or “Where did you last have it?” They typically respond, “Oh, I’ve looked everywhere!” and “I don’t remember.” You offer suggestions which are followed with more running back and forth and more desperation. You may even know exactly where the thing is and you have told them, but they don’t see it. They are not really looking. When you finally rescue them, you find the lost item in under two minutes. They believe you are magical. I have even done this when out of town. On more than one occasion, my husband will call or text about where something is. I believe that everything has a place, so I can usually give very specific directions to find things. It includes which shelf, cabinet, and what else is next to it. He appreciates how quickly I can direct him to what he needs.

God has given us all the directions! He even gives us a Guide in the Holy Spirit. He gave us Jesus, the ultimate Sacrificial Lamb. Jesus IS the fulfillment of every promise in the Old Testament. He kept every command and answered every prophecy. We must be willing to do our part. SEEK THE LORD AND LIVE!

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