Lessons in the Unseen Realm

Wednesday night, I watched the powers of good and evil wrestle over souls overtaken

by the devil’s schemes. Two different battles enraged, each seeming to give over to the forces of darkness. Then, a single lantern illuminated Truth. Where did I witness such an epic scene? In the ballet “Unseen” on a Lubbock stage, performed by Christ in the Arts.

The dancers displayed the raw emotions of pain, heartache, and desperation that accompany loss, depression, search for identity, and addiction. More than once, I felt as though they cut into my own heart and the grief welled through me, spilling over as though a dam burst.

Maybe this past month left me more exposed to experience the emotional impact of the story. Maybe the song my son mentioned in the car (which fit so well with the theme of the ballet) and his own understanding of the story created a more lasting effect. These different things bubbled up in me, leading me to write for the first time in a long while.

Get Your Eyes Checked

Earlier this month, quite unexpectedly, one of our church members passed away. She and struggles of this life fought daily. Though I did not know her well, I know she fought the enemy often, sometimes letting him have more than a foothold. More recently, she made an effort to return to Truth, to surround herself with better influences, to stay within the Light. When viewing the slideshow at the funeral, several of the pictures re

minded me of my aunt Cathe, similarities in poses or personality. New loss often triggers those of the past, a rippling domino effect. As Christians, we grieve with the hope of eternity. Even in that hope, Grief is an ever-changing beast. We must take the time to check our spiritual vision if we are to stand firm in our faith.

Hindsight is 20/2

In the midst of the Darkness, the weight of the momentary troubles steals our joy. Forgetting God’s promises, neglecting our faith, we instead choose to rely on self to get through the battle unscathed. If we come through, overcoming and growing stronger, we look back and see God through it all, like the old “Footprints” poem. Looking back shows us how much we overcome, the distance we traveled, and the lessons learned.

Watch where you are going, not where you have been

While we should learn from the past, we must not stay stuck there. Did you ever notice that cars have a giant front window and much smaller rear view mirrors? Our focus in life needs to be the same. We can do something about the here and now. We cannot change the past.

Shed a Little Light on the Subject

Everything changes when light fades to darkness. Shadows take over, obscuring vision, playing tricks on the eyes. What a difference Light makes! The “monster” in the corner is a pile of clothes or toys or a chair, completely powerless, inanimate, lifeless. While the spiritual forces of darkness present actual threat, their power is also threatened when we shine the Light. Light exposes flaws, falsehood, and deception. Light reflects truth.