Cruising Back to Reality

Last week, in order to make my home sing, I ran – or floated – away from home. AIMG_2936fter more than a year of transitions, after more than seven years of doing almost everything for and with my children, after almost nine years without a “personal vacation” – I took a REAL vacation. About a year ago, my dear friend, Jennifer, invited me to go on a cruise. This is so much more than a much needed girls’ night, which she knew better than I did of my need, and we began planning and saving. Then, the countdown began. When the time came to leave, I definitely felt ready for the escape. I DID miss my husband and children, but I also enjoyed the extended visit with a good friend, filling my bucket to overflowing.

I cannot wait to cruise again, even to introduce this amazing way to vacation to the rest of my family. Here are the top six reasons I fell in love with cruising:

  1. When we returned from breakfast, our beds were made and towels replaced. When we returned from supper, our beds were turned down and we had a new towel animal every night.2016-01-261
  1. I did not have to plan, budget, shop for, prepare, or clean up any of these delicious meals.


  1. Melted Chocolate Cake for Dessert. Every. Single. Night.


  1. Trying new foods, without guilt if we couldn’t finish it (we tried the ox tongue – which was good, but also a little weird). Revisiting favorites that reminded me of Europe (caprese!)

IMG_2960  12510356_10153769786888930_5541283129844704745_n

  1. Once the water calmed down (the first part of our cruise was a bit choppy), the peaceful soothing feeling resembled being rocked to sleep.


  1. Almost nothing on earth beats this view:


2016-01-26On board, we watched some great shows with talented singers. We saw some unique art (some more beautiful than others, though I hear this is a subjective thing). The Mayan RuinsIMG_2934 were amazing. The clear water in Cozumel was stunning. The joy of laughing with my friend for hours every night was priceless.

But now, it’s time to cruise back to reality. My kids missed me, yet things quickly returned to not listening, fussing, and disobedience. My husband missed me, but he’s now on-call, so I’m left missing him. Oh to find BALANCE.

For now, we ride out the rocky waves, hold on to the handrails, and pray no one falls overboard. This turbulent season will pass. We learn, grow, and make choices every day, praying those choices keep us afloat and on course. Even as I rock with my cuddlebugs, I count the blessings that come through the trials.



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