Are you Listening?

How often do we rail at God and demand answers? How would we respond if He really answered, as He did for Job? The God of Job is the same God of today. His Word remains true, throughout generations. No matter what the current public opinion may be, there IS absolute Truth!

God still speaks to us through His Word and through those who walk in Truth. The question is, what voice do we hear? Are we allowing our “ears to be tickled” by false teaching or are we discerning God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will? When we ask for guidance, do we sit on our hands while we wait, or do we diligently seek?

God’s answers often are not what we expect, but they are always what we need. He gives us clear paths, but we often overlook them in favor of what we want, insisting that we can “help God” with His plan for our lives. How well does that work out?

We are called to a purpose, good works were set for us before the foundation of the world, yet if we ignore that purpose, “help and deliverance will arise” from another source. We aren’t big enough to mess up God’s plan, but we are important enough that He includes us in His plan!  Are you listening? 

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