Weekly Wrap Up: Landforms and Forms of Matter

We are taking printing a week at a time, focusing on one letter. D’s lowercase “e” left much to be desired at the beginning of the week, but he’s improved greatly. He uses his right hand, but writes like he is a lefty and goes from bottom to top. He can ace spelling tests even without days of practicing the words. He reads really well, he just tends to be lazy about it. He is silly with math, though he can add, he often guesses, and usually the guesses are silly (1+2=0). I’m working on finding fun math for him, but it’s tricky. He aced telling time on the hour with face clocks, so we’re going to move on to half hours next week.
This week we learned about landforms and states of matter. Below, you can see D’s playdough landform mountain covered in snow with a lake in the middle. Obviously the boy lived in Colorado and remembers the reservoirs on Pike’s Peak. We melted crayons making a rainbow. For our wrap up Friday night dinner we had landform pizza* and root beer floats.
Overall, the week went well. Some days go better than others, like with anything in life. D is doing remarkably well for all the unknowns in our lives right now. I’m a very proud mama!
Oz532imjdsv3lb906tmekbra6soxkboa*Mushroom and Sausage mountains, cheddar cheese valley, and bacon river