The Weekend Review

I finally tackled the master bedroom. Tonight I will sleep in an unpacked room. (The exception being about four crates of army related gear and accessories.). I even downsized a few more things from my closet/drawers, in hopes of being much too small for them when their season rolls around again.
Even though the room is the same size, with the queen bed, getting a single picture of the whole room is tricky.
Unfortunately, part of the “still need to organize” piles have moved back to the living/dining room area, which was almost picture worthy over the weekend. The news of my Grandma’s death over the weekend put the brakes on my productivity streak. I accomplished so much today in part because I had to put away laundry in order to pack for the trip.
M630clmal7mujxa3gxvhqx4g7n11brr0Dietrich had a great birthday. Grandpa came down/up/over and we went out for Mexican food. While we were there, we watched a storm blow through. A tornado touched down about 40 miles away. The winds were very high and did some damage locally. We were sitting by the windows and at one point, we moved the kids to the back of the restaurant, just to be safe. When we came
home, the door to the apartment had blown open. Possibly the latch didn’t fully catch when I closed and locked the door (even though I distinctly remember checking the door after locking it in my OCD like nature).
Cx9j6q9s92lypzfz5whalm0eolbwj9vhWe have a frog family around our apartment – outside, thankfully. On Saturday, we saw maybe a dozen or more baby frogs. Their numbers
seem to be dwindling, or they have figured out to hide from the dog and kids next door. Nighttime is filled with the song of crickets, cicadas, locusts, and frogs. The birds start at about 4 AM with their chorus. When I’m awake, I don’t mind the symphony, but I do like silence and darkness to sleep. As I write about the creatures singing, I’m reminded of an Irish folk song, “All
God’s Creatures Got A Place in the Choir” – My favorite version is performed by
Celtic Thunder.
My home, however, isn’t singing in perfect harmony. My seven-year-old thinks he’s an adult and the constant back talk and defiance is grating, to say the least. My two-and-half-year-old often misses or refuses naps and has a strong will and sense of sass to compete with her big brother. I’m hopeful that once all the unpacking is done and we can settle into a new routine and I can give them all the attention they need, these behaviors will be more easily resolved.
If you have posted a comment in the last couple of weeks and I didn’t reply, I am truly apologetic. It’s a combination of exhaustion and running out of things to say. I will work on doing better and catching up on comments.