The Rainbow Princess

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a Rainbow Baby came into the world. From the first moment, her strong will and determination were evident, as she peed on the doctor delivering her. She loved frilly things but also playing tough. She is the princess that will change the world.

Birth to age 7

My rainbow princess has a vibrant imagination. She plays, talks, and sings all day. She loves with all she is and cares deeply for others. She attempts to settle conflicts and be a peacemaker. She would rather everyone else have what they want than to take for herself. She is kind and generous. She is a wavemaker!

The Rainbow Princess is ever on the move, dancing and chatting as she goes. She makes friends with everyone (even the birds and squirrels) and radiates joy. She wants to be just like me. I want to be more like her. 


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