Wind and Water

I’ve spent some time this week thinking about how mindset makes a difference in everything we do. Whether visiting family, working my direct sales business, encouraging others, helping other mamas, or being a keeper at home, MINDSET IS EVERYTHING!

For example, yesterday morning I woke up to no water. After two days of “severe” high wind (like almost hurricane strength but a straight line and on the edge of the desert), my husband and I made a significant error in judgment. We were discussing the poor visibility of flying dirt, the now dilapidated play park at the church building, and how dangerous semis are during such winds and we failed to check the weather to see the overnight temperatures. The consequence of this error was a frozen pipe. Sometime between midnight and 5:30 AM, the outside temperature dropped to 15 degrees. We didn’t leave cabinets open or faucets dripping. I asked a neighbor if they had water, and she said yes. At that moment, I knew the problem was our own fault. I called the water company and a plumber anyway. Both said the water should come back when the pipes thaw. At about 11 AM, the faucets we’d opened all sounded with flowing water! This welcome sound came in the midst of other chaos (babysitting and homeschool co-op), but it was the best sound of the day!

Waking up to such an inconvenience disrupts any day, even more so on a busy day. I could have responded in anger or frustration, and chosen to be grouchy about it. Instead, I focused on gratitude. We have a safe house, adequate heating, plenty of food, and yes, even jugs of water for such an occasion. It was an inconvenience that really only impacted us for about three hours. The water came on just as everyone arrived. (Then we made sure to drip the faucets overnight last night so as not to repeat the situation). Consider the next time you are faced with a challenge that you may need to examine your mindset.

Sometimes while you’re preparing or dealing with one situation, a new challenge arises. You can either rise to the occasion and keep a good mindset or crumple and grumble. 

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