Unconditional Bravery

For the past month, I have been a part of a Radiance Project. One of the first exercises involved identifying the fears that hinder success to better overall health (this is not a “get skinny” program, but a holistic health approach – mind, body, soul). As you can read in the linked post, I often automatically respond to worldly fear with Scripture. I am not perfect, but I rest in the peace of the One who is.

My Daily Bible reading has seemed to speak directly to overcoming fear (read a Psalm a day, and you’ll see the theme as well). As a mother, I struggle with two big f-bombs clouding my mind and dampening my spirit: Fear of Failure. In a fast-paced world, the pressure to “keep up with the Joneses” is high and our ability to handle such pressure gets lower with every blow Satan throws our way. The only “good” fear is the Fear of the Lord, which comes with innumerable promises: Fear (awe, respect, worship, esteem) God and lack nothing, experiencing deliverance, receiving instruction, entering His covenant, and even receiving strength, confidence, and salvation. When the voices of the world get too loud, remember this:

Seek Biblical truth to combat the lies of the world. Unconditional Bravery is only possible with the Armor of God. Take up your Sword (the Word), and by His strength, you will win the battle.

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