The most important day

TODAY is the most important day of the year, maybe even your life. 

Last Christmas

No one knows when their lasts will happen, either their last day or the last day with a loved one. Whether you like puns like, “Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the Present.” or remember the episode of Doctor Who called “Last Christmas” where dream Danny reminds Clara that every Christmas is the last one. We ought to make every moment count. The most extraordinary memories are often in the most ordinary moments. Preparing the food, sitting at the table, cleaning up, and exchanging gifts are the least important part of the festivities – though, through those routine activities, we hear the most laughter, share the best stories, and give the most hugs. 

The Perfect Day

I would say my grandmother loved Christmas, except the joy she had during the holidays was bigger than that. Grandmama loved her family and getting as many people together as possible. She enjoyed hunting for the perfect gifts and the best bargains. She diligently wrapped each gift with love and an immaculate bow. She had a weakness for Christmas candy (all candy really, but Christmas was her favorite).

Make it Count

This will be the third Christmas without her and the second without my grandfather. Those who have a great presence in life leave a great void when they are gone. Today is the most important day. Cherish those you love. Make new memories. Take AND be in all the photos, no matter how self-conscious you might be. One day, only pictures and memories will be left. Make them count.

Christmas 2014

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