Shiny and New

When you clean and declutter, something transformative happens to that space. Sadly, I didn’t take before and during pictures of my recent schoolroom transformation. Even sillier, I couldn’t find older pictures of the school room. To add insult to injury, unless the kids are using the computers, they prefer to do school work sprawled on the couches in the living room. Maybe the school room is really more about an office space for me and home for the books and business supplies and less about a room where we “do school.”

When we started homeschooling, the decision was based on practicality. We continue to homeschool because it is the best choice for our family. We have freedom in everything we do, from what curriculums we chose to when we “do” school. We can take “sun days” off to play outside or go to the park. We can go on a family vacation in August. We can go to the movies or the zoo or any place that is open during school hours (when it’s less busy/crowded). 

Whether the kids do their schoolwork at their desks, the kitchen table, on the couch, or in the middle of the floor, the most important part is that they have ample opportunity to learn. We have a variety of information on our bookshelves (we resort to internet searches if our books aren’t “enough”). We learn as we go, we dive deeper into subjects that most interest us, and we find joy in every day. It doesn’t mean all the moments are easy or happy, we struggle as much as any family. It does mean we make the choice to savor and treasure the time we have together. That is the Most Important Lesson.

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