Take Heart

This past week marked one year since the “two weeks to flatten the curve” restrictions. I’m not going to debate the validity of these restrictions here. The many cancelations and postponements impacted our children and families in big ways. I am not an “expert” but I do think the effects will produce ripples for years to come.

While many opportunities were taken from us, we chose to create new possibilities. We focused on what we COULD do, rather than being upset by all the things we could not do. So many things are beyond our control, we do control our attitude and response to our circumstances. Twelve months of a monotonous “NO” could be hard on a person, but we found ways to say YES and live abundantly in spite of obstacles and ordinances. 

My son received NO to two different church camps. I received NO to several of my big events that bring in money to support our family. My husband received NO (or worse, complete silence) as he applied for jobs. My daughter received NO to the big winter ballet performance. My friends and I receive NO four times on a cruise we planned to the point we decided to get a refund and plan a different trip. 


We deepened friendships while worshiping together in the country. I relied even more on follow-up and built relationships with customers. We enjoyed more time together as a family and the kids felt more connected to their dad. My friends and I began a ministry to share hope with other women. 

God created beauty out of the ashes. He has given us hope and joy so we can’t help but share it with others. While some things had to change with the rules of the day, we found a silver lining and took a different path. Rather than in-person church camps or day camps, we participated in virtual groups and learned with friends in other places. Rather than a big performance, my daughter did her dance in a smaller venue with a smaller production titled “Take Heart.” Rather than consistent disappointment, we’ve worked together to make the most of each day. 

One of the songs in the performance was Take Courage by Kristine DiMarco. The lines that play over in my head are: “Take courage my heart/ Stay steadfast my soul/ He’s in the waiting
Hold onto your hope/ As your triumph unfolds/ He’s never failing”
We wait in expectation. We have confidence that God will remain faithful to His promises. 


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