Messy Christmas to all…

As the mother to allergic children, life is sometimes a very complicated and messy kind of exciting. I do my best to control the variables, avoid the trigger foods, minimize contaminations, but still allow them to have fun and normal meals and experiences. Every once in a while, something sneaks through. Every person is different, as is every allergic reaction. Dietrich’s body tends to fight by eliminating the intruder as quickly as possible (a.k.a. violent projectile vomit).

On Thursday evening, we arrived home later than I intended and I didn’t want to cook something and have a mess or leftovers to deal with before we left town. I ordered Pizza… a few hours later, Dietrich was a very sick little boy. I double-checked that his pizza did not have eggs in it (according to the website, it didn’t), then I mentally went through everything he ate that day and came up with nothing. He had a smaller problem the next day, and then a huge problem on Christmas Eve. Finally, I concluded this was not an allergy problem.

The downside of this, we were at my father-in-law’s house and a bit out of our own element as far as cleanup goes. However, I’ve been bringing my Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent on all of our trips. What was a bright red (salsa) mess on the sheets came out completely! I don’t do before/after on these things partly because I don’t think of it in the moment and partly because I don’t want to gross everyone out with pictures to go with my words. Even I was skeptical, though I’ve seen the UPP completely remove poop from clothes and sheets.

Dietrich seemed much better today but tired. Madilynn took a turn at “accidents” – I think I’ve done laundry every day of this “vacation.” Some days, we almost have this potty training thing down. Other days, it’s clear we have a way to go. Playing is just more fun than going to the bathroom when you are four.

I hope your holidays were a better kind of eventful. I would love for you to share your stories in the comments!